Retirement Plan Coordinator

Lacy joined Stonebridge Financial Group in January 2021, drawn by the opportunity to work with a broad base of clients who can benefit from her expertise in retirement plan coordination.

She believes employees and their families deserve the peace of mind that comes with personal financial security. The University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown graduate wants people in her community and beyond to retire in the comfort they deserve, and she knows many lack access to the resources they need to make smart financial decisions. Lacy endeavors to become a trusted professional assisting retirement plan participants who need help navigating retirement, investments and financial wellness concerns

Lacy’s background includes serving as Retirement Plan Coordinator at Hefren-Tillotson, Inc., and working as Director of Operations at Thomas A. Geisler & Co. In both positions, she specialized in the delivery of retirement plan consulting and management to the corporate marketplace, including fiduciary oversight, employee financial education and financial planning services for corporate executives.

Lacy and her husband, Adam, recently became parents. They enjoy spending time with their daughter and their three dogs while renovating their home, which was built in 1844. She is a native of York, Pennsylvania, who attended Spring Grove High School.